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Product Description

Hydrophobic insulating wall paint, available in various colours and designed to apply to mostly all materials, including the exterior walls of the building and the roof. The amazing proPERLA® colour façade, is a type of external wall insulation, that has been developed with the latest product technology. This façade creates an invisible insulation barrier that penetrates up to 17mm deep into the substrate.

This protects your masonry from rainwater and heat loss for up to 25 years! Think of all those energy savings across two whole decades. This product is known to reduce water absorption by more than 95%, providing hygrothermal performance on materials such as concrete, brick, mortar and sandstone. Tests have proven that damp content of just 5% can lower insulation quality by up to 50%. Even if you have cavity wall insulation in place, the materials used will be much less effective if left vulnerable to moisture. This is why proPERLA is such a wise investment for your property

Tested and certified according to EN ISO 15148:2002 : demonstrating the hygrothermal performance of all the products. All products are weather resistant in accordance with VOB – meaning the products can withstand all climate conditions. Manufactured in accordance with DIN 4108 – thermal insulation in buildings.

Tested and certified in accordance with EN 15824 :2009, confirming the products performance with regard to water absorption, water vapour permeability, tensile strength, thermal conductivity and long term durability.

Product Features

Super Hydrophobic:

Water cannot stick to the coated surface but forms droplets that run off the surface.


Water and moisture are able to escape the masonry due to the high breathability rating of the products.


Masonry remains clean and attractive as dirt is unable to take hold.

Insulation Barrier:

Reduces water absorption by more than 95%. Dry walls mean less heat loss.


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