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Product Description

With Battery Storage you can store energy to be used, across your home after sundown or on extremely cloudy days

Typical domestic customers consume less than 50% of the energy generated by their solar array. As such the solar industry has been frantically searching for ways to enable homeowners to consume more of their generated electricity. Electricity bills are lower during the daytime, when solar panels are at their most productive. You can benefit from home energy storage by using electricity from your battery storage during later hours when electricity bills are actually at their highest. The more solar energy a user is able to consume, the lower their demand from the grid will be. As a result significant energy savings will be made by installing battery storage.

Adding a battery solution to a new or existing solar array means homes can realistically expect to consume 100% of the energy generated. This extra consumption replaces grid demand in the absence of solar supply or when solar cannot meet full demand. Replacing demand from the grid and fossil fuel production also provides other benefits such as lowering your carbon footprint.

Product Features

Low Maintenance:

Battery Storage requires minimal maintenance after purchase.

Energy Efficiency:

Potential for no electricity costs throughout the home.

Size and Installation:

Available in modules of 2.4kw e.g. 2.4Kw, 4.8Kw, 7.2Kw, 9.6Kw

Running Costs:

Cost nothing to run.


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