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Casa Verde International is a green energy product supplier. We dedicate ourselves to lowering consumer’s energy prices, reducing their contribution to environmental damage and renovating homes with our exclusive renewable energy products. We specialize in SUBSTANTIALLY reducing the energy consumption for homeowners and small business owners between 25%-85%, sometimes even more.

Casa Verde can guarantee one of the fastest installations of renewable energy for a homeowner in the country. We are the ONLY supplier in the country of proPERLA exterior coatings and have installers on standby for every product we have on sale.

We offer a FREE no obligation home energy assessments which allows our expert surveyors to assess the energy consumption and discuss your future potential when it comes to reducing your utility bills and carbon footprint. You can receive a FREE no obligation quotation on products of your choice by contacting us via phone, email or social media and Facebook: Casa Verde International





Our Best Selling Products

We are proud to offer all our customers a diverse
and efficient range of renewable products for their home.


Renovate the exterior of your property with our unique hydrophobic insulation coloured facade wall coating,

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Dramatically reduce your electricity bills and unlock the potential of free energy consumption with a solar system that helps you to become self-sufficient..

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Capture the energy from your existing solar generation for use when there is no energy available to use from the panels. Meaning free electric day and night.

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Solar water heaters use the Sun’s energy to heat water. This water is stored inside an insulated tank for use whenever required. Providing your hot water for FREE whenever you need it.

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 Our modernised Daikin Air Conditioning system will heat and cool your property with small running costs, it’s more efficient if paired with a solar panel system with battery storage.

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At Casa Verde we are always looking for the newest and more effective solutions available in the Sustainable market. Browse our selection of new, innovative products.

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See what our customers think

I was contacted by this company and they offered me a free health check service on my solar panels, they left me with information on products I had never even heard of, now we are in the process of purchasing the Air Source heat pump and the whole experience has been relaxed, professional, and friendly.

Mr Mitchell, Customer

From the first point of contact I’ve received professional and clear advice regarding the benefits of the products I shown interest in. Since having my villa coated in properla I can see how much nicer my property looks and I look forward to the winter months to experience cheaper bills and better insulation.

Mr & Mrs Collins, Customer

I contacted the company and got through to a lovely chap called Jordan, he sent out Paul to do my free health check on the panels. It was great to add a battery storage to my system, to benefit from the energy stored in the evening.  I work full-time I wasn't getting full benefits from my system, now I’m pleased to say I am. All thanks to Casa Verde.

Mrs Richardson, Customer

For the first time in the 28 years I have owned my home i have found myself rarely turning on my heating system. I contacted Casa Verde after seeing their advertisement online for Lapolla Spray foam and have been amazed with the service I’ve been provided with. Great to be able to bumble around the house in my shorts and vest for once, 5*.

Mr Pearce., Customer

I have to say I was very sceptical at first, but once I had my villa coated with properla I instantly saw the results. Clean, tidy and professional installation and the administration department was amazing with dealing with my concerns. Top marks, very grateful for the service.

Mr & Mrs Edwards, Customer

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